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2021-10-17 / 06:06:17 AM

How to get out of financial difficulties ?

How to get out of financial difficulties ? The bank bother you with a request for a refund. You have a bill to pay. You have a lot of money problem to deal with. You must first determine the causes of your money problems. So, what are your expenses monthly ? The fixed charges such as […]

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2021-10-17 / 06:06:17 AM


I offer you the services of loan financing for your projects in the amount according to your need, with a repayment period of your choice with a fixed Rate of interest relatively low. Dear Individuals, project leaders, or Small and medium-sized, fast-growing companies put at your disposal the investment capital you need. Apply for a […]

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2021-10-17 / 06:06:17 AM

Take advantage of our loans services

Take advantage of our loans services   We offer you services that allow you to monitor your credit report on a daily basis and inform you of any significant changes. Monitoring credit can help you prevent errors in credit reports and notify you in case of a problem of insolvency. The follow-up is very important for […]

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2021-10-17 / 06:06:17 AM


Avoid getting caught up in financial liabilities You take out funds regularly to maintain your lifestyle Your expenses are more than your income You take in funds You pay more than your income to pay off debts All your income goes to pay off your financing installments You have nothing left! To find out how […]

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2021-10-17 / 06:06:17 AM

Economic advice

Economic advice Review your credit history When you submit a financing request from one of the financing agencies, your credit record is verified, including your financial obligations, such as: cards / car payments / personal finance, through a database (SIMAH) where your credit information is kept and updated on an ongoing basis. Of course, the […]

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2021-10-17 / 06:06:17 AM

Information on financing

For a better understanding, Euronews’s Serge Romby met Klaus Muller, the representative of the COSME broker in Germany… and asked him about his exact role? Klaus Muller: “The German Development Bank is financing the creation of projects in Germany. Not directly but through local banks. Thanks to the loan guarantee facility provided by COSME, we […]

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